3 Holiday Online-Shopping Scams to Watch Out For (timeblogs)

The holiday deals are already rolling out with early Black Friday specials on
Amazon, holiday circulars leaking online and big-name retailers offering
incentives to buy directly from their sites to get a jump on your gift list.
But along with the amazing Internet deals come the scammers with new and
inventive ways to trick you into handing over your credit-card number and
personal information. Here are three of the biggest scams to watch out for
this holiday shopping season. 1. Incredible discounts from unknown sites Not
every site offering a great deal is up to no good, but the more amazing the
offer, the more wary you should be. Entering your credit-card info won’t get
you that great gift on a bogus site, but it will get the scammers your credit-
card info and address, which will allow them to start racking up charges.
These sites can also lure you in by offering not products, but coupons for
popular gifts. If you find yourself having to enter a lot of personal
information to get the coupon, reconsider if it’s worth it. What to look for:
Watch out for sites with strangely spelled names (i.e., Be …


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